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Cross Body Snap-Shot

Cross Body Snap-Shot
Jason Edwards|

Cross-Body Snap-Shot

The cross-body snap-shot is a very difficult shot and takes a lot of practice to be able to perform this shot with accuracy, speed, and without showing too much of yourself or your gun.

The reason for the cross-body snap-shot is so that you can very quickly transition from the side you are shooting, to the other side and place an accurate shot or a few shots at an exposed target and then return to the original side of your bunker with speed so you can continue doing the job you were already tasked with.



This works great when you are in a wire bunker shooting inside and you know the player down your wire is wrapping or moving, you can shoot them and return to your inside shot asap.


Gear used in this video.

Gun: Virtue Black Fire ACE -

Loader: Bunkerkings Gold / Red CTRL -

Mask: Bunkerkings Pitch Black CMD -

Pack: Bunkerkings Black Fly 4+7 -

Pants: Bunkerkings Royal Black Supreme Joggers - Pads: Bunkerkings Knee and

Elbow Fly Compressions -



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