Hurry Up & Wait

  Far too often I watch people slowly walk off the field and into their team pit. Then when they get into the pits they are busy sharing war stories and discussing nothing of importance. Then they are left rushing out last minute to the starting gate only to be...

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Will There Be A World Cup?

    With only a couple months left until our normal scheduled World Cup and no definite answer regarding whether the event is going to happen or not. We seem to get asked every day several times a day in fact if there is going to be a World Cup...

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Visualize Success

Visualize Success & Take Action   Everyone has their own ways of mentally and physically preparing for matches. For me, I like to visualize the match or point actually being played. I run through so many scenarios in my head, and try to find ways to solve them before I...

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Avoid The Death Trap

    No one likes to see their teammate get shot out, but the difference in a skilled player and a non-skilled player is the way they use the information provided by their eliminated teammate. Now we all know that dead players are not allowed to talk, but you can...

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    TO CHRONO, OR NOT TO CHRONO, THAT IS THE QUESTION CTRL Loader Graphite Grey | NTR Speedfeed Black | N-Charge Battery Far too often I watch players practice without checking the FPS of their guns. I know first hand how annoying it seems to Chrono every day you play, but...

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