Reduce Your Snapshot Profile

One of the oldest tricks to seeing your profile while snap shooting is by doing it in the mirror. That is great for working on your paintball game at home, but it doesn't give you that real deal feel!      When you head out to the field to do...

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Over The Top Snap-shooting

Snap-shooting over the top of the bunker is one of the trickiest snapshots of all. You are more exposed and it is much slower than snap-shooting from the side. However it is a crucial move and one of the most common mistakes is getting too close to the bunker.  If...

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Paintball Drill: Three In A Row Snap Shooting

  Snap-shooting is one of the most crucial skills to train in paintball. Not everyone on the field will get to lane on the break, or play the snake, or bunker someone in every single point, but almost everyone will find themselves in a snap shooting situation in every single...

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Low Mid High Snap-shooting Drill

   This snap-shooting drill is called Low Mid High. You must shoot a single target from a low position, then a middle position, and then a high position. A miss resets the sequence. This drill works on gun fighting from different heights and will increase your success.    SHOP THE...

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I follow three simple rules when I snap shoot.  1) I roll out and in, instead of using all of my body.  2) I aim small miss small. I never try to just shoot the whole target.  3) I imagine I have an invisible line or rope attached from my...

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