Avoid The Death Trap

    No one likes to see their teammate get shot out, but the difference in a skilled player and a non-skilled player is the way they use the information provided by their eliminated teammate. Now we all know that dead players are not allowed to talk, but you can...

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    TO CHRONO, OR NOT TO CHRONO, THAT IS THE QUESTION CTRL Loader Graphite Grey | NTR Speedfeed Black | N-Charge Battery Far too often I watch players practice without checking the FPS of their guns. I know first hand how annoying it seems to Chrono every day you play, but...

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A crucial technique that I look for in up and coming paintball players, is their field awareness along with aggression. Many players move from bunker to bunker, immediately after shooting in their wire and completely fail to check off the center of the field where the "camper" is typically waiting...

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The Iron City Classic

    The 10 man event that started all of the mechanical hype and made all of the nostalgic feelings come alive is declared to be on schedule for this year!    *** Let's get ready to RUMBLE!! *** The city of Pittsburgh will officially be cleared for opening by...

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Paintball Fields Opening Back Up

It appears that paintball fields all across the country are slowly being permitted to open back up. This is great news for the paintball industry considering the recent article on NXL Regional Conference Events being hosted at actual fields and not large venues.  Every state, city, and county has its...

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