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Pro Tip: Record Yourself Playing.

Pro Tip: Record Yourself Playing.
Jason Edwards|

Record Yourself Playing

One of the best things you can do to become better at paintball is to record yourself during drills, practice, and gameplay. It is great to be able to review yourself and critique yourself whether it is your form, your speed, your playing style and so much more.



One of the great things about recording yourself while playing paintball is that it allows you to see the improvements you've made. You can compare old film to new film and that positive feeling you'll get from seeing your improved skillset will drive you to push yourself harder!

Filming practices, drills, and the gameplay is also great to breakdown team communication and allow your coaches to revisit points and really analyze the mistakes that were made and how to fix them. This is one way to really dive deep into each point and you'll be able to critique your team's gameplay without having to worry about hustling out to play the next point!



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