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Pro Tip: Non-verbal Communication

Pro Tip: Non-verbal Communication
Jason Edwards|

Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is often overlooked by tournament paintball players. It’s a great way to communicate during certain circumstances. Whether you’re baiting an opposing player, trying to be stealthy, or even if you’re having trouble being heard.

So much information could be completely lost if you choose to not use simple hand signals or body gestures when you're in a position that requires you to stay quiet. Instead of neglecting your team, you can give them information or even show that you've acknowledged their communication by simply waving them off, moving your head, or putting up a few fingers.



Non-verbal communication is just as useful as verbal communication and with that It’s best to have all of the players on the team use the same gestures for the same purposes so no one gets confused! If the gestures are interpreted wrong, it could definitely cause issues and lead to your team losing a point or match. 



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