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Will There Be A World Cup?

Will There Be A World Cup?
Jason Edwards|



With only a couple months left until our normal scheduled World Cup and no definite answer regarding whether the event is going to happen or not. We seem to get asked every day several times a day in fact if there is going to be a World Cup this year. 



We have spoken to some of the higher ups in the NXL and it looks good for World Cup to happen, I know all of the companies are making preparations in hopes that there is a world cup. I imagine there will be several "different" factors to world cup compared to the previous years. 

We should expect that there will be a capacity regulation so people will most likely have to go in play matches and leave, I also imagine there will be little to no spectators allowed on premises. Hopefully if this is the case most fields can utilize gosports, or some other type of steaming service. 

I imagine we will have to see a smaller variety in vendors, probably just the high sponsored vendors since those will take some of the capacity room as well. 

Either way we are looking forward to some type of World Cup and hope that we can get back to the normal large capacity events next year! We will update everyone when we get more news in regards to World Cup. 



On a side note companies are still doing their best to get production rolling. Bunkerkings and Virtue both have been doing a great job of restocking as soon as product is made. Please do not hesitate and wait until weeks before World Cup to place your order. If you see something you need or want order it now and avoid the possibility of it being out of stock or not shipping to you in time. 



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