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Hurry Up & Wait

Hurry Up & Wait
Jason Edwards|


Far too often I watch people slowly walk off the field and into their team pit. Then when they get into the pits they are busy sharing war stories and discussing nothing of importance. Then they are left rushing out last minute to the starting gate only to be pressured into making a last second choice and breaking out improperly. 


Whether you're hanging the flag, pushing the buzzer, been eliminated, or even watching your team play the point. You should always get ready to play as quickly as possible. This gives you time to communicate with your coach and your team, and get to the gate well before the horn blows!

The sooner you’re at the gate the better you can prepare. Even if you have pre-determined break out plans, it’s nice to be able to discuss the play with every one before the point. Getting everyone on the same page can make the difference between winning and losing the point. When you are lazy and get to the gate late, it not only effects you but your whole squad feels pressured.



There are ways to help improve your teams ability to improve their after/pre point routine. While practicing try to be quick about leaving the field and getting loaded back up, don't hang around and sit on the side lines.  Loading yourself up, cleaning off yourself and your teammates, and getting ready for the next point will help you react to those matches when your pit crew is not doing a good job. As a coach try to speed your team up, make them be ready in under 2 minutes between points, then 1:45 and so on. If they fail to get out there in time start a man down or two. 

Instead of rushing out to play the first point invest money into extra pods and try to fill them all up so you can act as if you are playing an event. When you get eliminated hustle off the field and fill the empty pods while the point is still being played. 




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