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Far too often I watch players practice without checking the FPS of their guns. I know first hand how annoying it seems to Chrono every day you play, but the cold hard truth is that it can make or break your whole practice. 

First off shooting too fast can actually be harmful and some fields may issue you a ban if caught, so that is a key reason to chronograph every single day you play. However, in this blog, I am going to point out the main reasons why shooting too fast or too slow can be detrimental to your practice. 

Shooting at too high of a Feet Per Second (FPS) can give you so much false info that you will most likely think you're playing good or certain lanes work when that's not the fact. Gunfighting while shooting 310+ vs someone shooting under 300 FPS is so much easier, your opponent has less time to react and your ball is going to have a flatter flight path. In the end, you may win gunfights you potentially could have lost, and your shot is going to be so much different at an event when you have to Chrono to get on the field. When it comes to shooting lanes off the break the shot and angle will be tremendously different when shooting hot, and hits on certain parts of the players may be more likely to bounce when shooting at the legal speed. So you'll think your lanes are on point when they most likely are not. 

Now for those that don't Chrono their guns and go into practice shooting substantially lower, you are going to also get the false reads. You will most likely be losing gunfights you could have won, and your lanes off the break will again be completely incorrect. Certain drop shots over large bricks and beams may seem possible until you get to the field and Chrono back up to the limit you're allowed to Chrono to. Also, you will more then likely bounce more players especially if using practice paint, so you may completely write off a perfectly good lane since you never got that elimination in practice. 

So just a general rule always Chrono regardless if you are doing drills, playing points, playing an event, or just playing for fun. This will help you really dial in your shot and perfect your gun skills. 





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