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Jason Edwards|

A crucial technique that I look for in up and coming paintball players, is their field awareness along with aggression. Many players move from bunker to bunker, immediately after shooting in their wire and completely fail to check off the center of the field where the "camper" is typically waiting for them. I'd much rather see a player wrap shoot and move, vs them checking it off by looking on the inside of their bunker.

When you take in the concept of putting in your wire, wrapping around your bunker and shooting. You acquire a look at the inside of the field without giving up the wire, you could potentially shoot someone inside by surprise, you get a wider angle on the inside bunkers, and you get to keep your gun in the wire side hand.

Also,  when you do wrap-shoot-move you are going to be able to keep your gun shielded more behind your body from the inside of the field, you can obtain dominance on the wire quickly, and perform multiple wrap-shoot-moves quickly.

This concept will teach you how to get down the field quicker, increase your field awareness, and give you a much better success rate on moving safely.


A good drill to practice this and to build up muscle memory is to position yourself in a corner wire bunker and place a target in the corner downfield and a center bunker like the center 50 or back center. 

  • *Snap shoot the target down the wire, and then wrap and shoot the center target while moving to the bunker in front of you. 
  • *Once you reach the bunker snap shoot the wire bunker, and then wrap and shoot your way into the next bunker in front of you. 
  • *Continue this until advancing all the way down the field. 



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