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Avoid The Death Trap

Avoid The Death Trap
Jason Edwards|



No one likes to see their teammate get shot out, but the difference in a skilled player and a non-skilled player is the way they use the information provided by their eliminated teammate. Now we all know that dead players are not allowed to talk, but you can easily use gathered information from that player without even conversing or breaking any of the rules! 

For instance as soon as I see one of my teammates get eliminated I look for the actual hit or hits that eliminated them, and hope that I can see those hits before they are shot a few extra times. The shots on the player literally can tell you a whole story and that story should dictate what you should do next. 



As Brad is eliminated he will walk towards Jacob, Jacob will be able to identify that the shots on the back of Brads head and pack means the opposing player has made a move deep down the snake or further up the center than he originally was. This would result in Jacob yelling out a caution call and tucking tighter into his bunker until he can either locate the player or Jacobs teammates confirm the caution call. It would be unwise for Jacob to make a forward move as the player already has the better angle, so he needs to protect himself until his team can suppress the player and allow someone to eliminate him or get a better angle.
Identifying the shots on your teammates will make your survivability rate increase, also it will increase your field awareness and decision making skills during matches. It is a skill that takes a lot of practice to learn, and also a good understanding of the layout you are playing. Sometimes you will know the field so well, that you'll easily be able to identify where the opposing player is without even seeing him. 


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