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Listen & Learn

Listen & Learn
Jason Edwards|

Listen & Learn

Although you may be better than a person at a particular position, style of play, side of the field, or overall. You should always be open to their opinion and be willing to take constructive criticism. Whether the person is trying to say you did something wrong, or just replaying a recent scenario, showing you a shot, or asking you a question, be sure to listen and discuss the topic with an open mind.

*No two people think exactly the same, no two people play the exact same, no two people see the exact same moves, and no idea is ever dumb. Paintball is a sport with many factors, the more ideas, the more scenarios, the more solutions, the more likely you are to be successful in your match.*

(EXAMPLE): In the picture above Chad Busiere is showing Keith Brown the lane that he is going to shoot, to try to eliminate the person playing in Keith's position. This advice can help Keith identify a possible threat from the opposing team before the match even starts.

*Although Chad is playing the Dorito side and Keith is playing the snake side, both positions can feed each other important information before, during, and after every point.*

Remember, Listen & Learn. Paintball is a sport of smart and methodical moves, made with precise timing, and your team feeding off of one another. You can learn more about any field after simply playing one point and having a team discussion than one hour of solid playing and no discussions.

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