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Stuck Indoors? Train More!

Stuck Indoors? Train More!
Jason Edwards|

Stuck Indoors? Train More! 

As we navigate these uncertain times, we want to remind our paintball community about who we are as a company and why we do this.  Remember, it is not always about the placement at the events, it is about the experiences and the bonds we create.  As paintballers, we don’t need event results to validate our lifestyle or give us purpose.  The journey is the purpose.  We love to compete because we love to train.  Together, we can continue to build this community and support each other as a group of enthusiastic athletes who love to compete in scenarios, recreational play, and tournaments.  This may mean you spend more time training at home and less time training in groups.  Or, more time on studying gameplay footage and fewer sessions with your training team.  Whatever you choose, we hope that you are able to find ways to continue to take care of your mental and physical health while still enjoying paintball. 

Our next event may be canceled or postponed, but we won’t let that slow us down.  Stay safe as we navigate these times and keep training. 

Please continue to show how you are staying on your journey and not slowing down, by using social platforms, let’s continue to inspire and help motivate each other through this time. Use hashtag #BKTRAINING to help inspire others to train more at home during this time.

Here are some at-home training tips from professional athlete Jason Edwards of Tampa Bay Damage. 

1) Sweet Spotting: Use your CTRL Loader with the built-in angle indicator to train sweet spotting at home. (Video explanation starts at 2:10)

*I suggest using a full loader of paint and a barrel cover to make sure you are safe but you get the actual weight and feel of gameplay.

2) Snap Shooting: Align yourself on the outside edge facing a mirror. A full body length mirror is preferred but if you don't have access to a full-size mirror then use a smaller one. Begin leaning out with your marker facing the mirror-like you are going to snap shoot. You can practice reducing your profile, increasing your speed, and training to pull the trigger once you see your target.

*Make sure your marker is off and a barrel cover is on, or don't fill your loader with paintballs.

3) Outside Edgers: Wrap some cloth around the front of your marker and back of your barrel, and then place a resistance band around the cloth. Secure the other end of the band to a strong, heavy, secure area. *I typically use my weight bench and rack but a tree or sturdy table leg will work. Position yourself beside the object you've secured the band on, and use it as a starting gate. Make sure there is already tension on your band by either reducing the band length or stepping further from the object. Now do repetitions of pulling your gun off of the starting box like you are edging the back player. This will help you increase your first shot speed. 

*Make sure your marker is off and a barrel cover is on, or don't fill your loader with paintballs.

Please remember to check your surrounding area to make sure you have plenty of room to do these drills safely and that you are using proper protective gear while training. Stay safe and have fun! 

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