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Communication Is Key 🔑

Communication Is Key 🔑
Jason Edwards|


The advice I get asked the most about; is how does a team or player increase their communication skills? We all know communication is one of the biggest keys to winning in the sport of paintball. In fact, the Bunkerkings CMD goggle is the highest rated goggle in the paintball industry because it is built exceptionally well to allow sound out through the facemask and sound in through the ears, better than any other mask on the market. So you could say we take communication very seriously! 

Verbal communication on the field is never easy with the amount of noise surrounding the event, the distance from one player to the other, the sound of guns shooting, and the paintballs hitting your bunker and other objects on the field. However, there are a few simple keys to making it easier and more effective. 

Keys to improving communication

  • Use simple codes that stand out.
  • An example would be using kill count words like Weasel 1 which on Damage means 1 Kill. Weasel stands out clearly & isn't used by other teams often. Whereas G-1 sounds like D-1. 
  • Use one-word codes that mean entire sentences. 
  • An example would be Delta meaning the other team lost their Dorito Side and that we need to move down that side now. 
  • Using a sequence of numbers for a full kill count. 
  • An example would be 54 meaning 5 on 4 in our favor or 21 meaning 2 on 1 in our favor. We would be the 10-50 number and they would be the 1-5 number. 
  • Using the same bunker names in similar situations regardless of the layout. 
  • An example would be the "God" bunker is always the bunker leading into the snake, the "Tampa" bunker would always be the bunker leading into the doritos etc... 
  • Using drills to incorporate communication
  • An example would be a 2v2 drill, but when a player gets eliminated they are to rush to the sideline out of bounds and then continue to communicate to their teammate. This teaches you just how important it is to communicate as well to do it from a coaching perspective so you learn those skills and then start using it on the field when you're actually playing. 
  • Video Games
  • As funny as it sounds, teams that play video games together and utilize the team chats are actually better communicators. They learn to call out random objects with clarity and that skillset carries over to the field. 
  • Social Events
  • Teams that hang out together, have effective meetings, and are able to socially communicate are always going to have a better foundation for on-field communication. 
  • Know Your Lines
  • Knowing who is on the field with you before the point starts will always make communicating easier. If I always know Jake is my D-side front guy and Keith is my front snake player it is easier to converse rather than trying to figure out who is over there while playing. 

There are always more ways to help build your communication strength but for now, let's just work on the following tips.

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