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Bunkerkings Licenses Strapless Pack Patent to G.I. Sportz, Funds to Help Develop New Training Program

Bunkerkings Licenses Strapless Pack Patent to G.I. Sportz, Funds to Help Develop New Training Program
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Bunkerkings Licenses Strapless Pack Patent to G.I. Sportz, Proceeds to Help Develop New Training Program

Today, Bunkerkings and G.I. Sportz announce the signing of a licensing agreement covering patented Bunkerkings technology. Specifically the agreement covers royalties and licensing fees on past and any future strapless packs that utilize Bunkerkings patented technology.

Proceeds from the licensing fees will be used to support a new paintball skills & training program by Bunkerkings, partner companies, and other dedicated players. The goal with the licensing fees is to help increase regular participation in paintball and get players excited to improve their skills. The more people playing paintball with a goal to become better, the more the entire sport benefits.

The licensing agreement came about after Bunkerkings reached out to G.I. Sportz with concerns over multiple products in the industry using its patented strapless technology. Billy Ceranski at G.I. Sportz respectfully acknowledged the importance of intellectual property, and agreed to license the Bunkerkings strapless pack patent. 

We are pleased to come to this agreement with G.I. as it reflects the positive attitude of the new team leading G.I. Sportz to work with other members of the industry. It was important to create a reasonable agreement that respects Bunkerkings intellectual property, while also recognizing the economic reality of the market for paintball packs. 

Bunkerkings is willing to license its strapless technology to other companies who are currently infringing on the strapless pack patent. Companies seeking to license patented Bunkerkings strapless technology should contact Bunkerkings at 

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About G.I. Sportz Inc.
G.I. SPORTZ (GI) is the leading global manufacturer of paintballs and paintball related equipment, operating across six continents with distribution in over 100 countries. For more information please visit:

About the Bunkerkings patent
Bunkerkings packs are covered by US patent 9,603,438.

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