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Aim Small Miss Small

Aim Small Miss Small
Jason Edwards|

Aim Small Miss Small

When it comes to sweet spotting, gun-fighting, snap shooting, camping on a player, or even stepping out to edge out a hunkered down player I always l believe in "Aim small miss small". What I mean by that is when I am snap shooting and I come out of my bunker to shoot someone, I don't just aim at the general person or area, I pick something small that I can see and shoot at that. For example, when I lean out and I see their hopper, gun, front hand, and part of their mask, I would pick something as small as their feed-neck to shoot at. I do this so that my target is smaller and my miss should be relatively closer to that general target which will be surrounded by more of the person. My miss will still result in hitting a part of the target and getting the elimination. 

You can practice this by setting up targets and painting a small circle in the center of the target. Train your eyes to come out and lock onto the smallest center portion of your target and shoot at that. You will notice that you are hitting the target more consistently and over time you'll hit the small circle more. You want to train yourself to shoot at something so small and centered that your misses are still hits. 

Take this drill up a notch and snap shoot from different positions and even wrap shots. 



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