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What Is Streetball?

What is Streetball - Bunkerkings WKS Paintball Blog
Steve Dona|


With all the different ways there are to play Paintball, Streetball is one of the most fun. Streetball is a format where players of all skill levels are placed together on the same team. Every team will be a mix of higher & lower ranked players competing alongside one another. It is designed to be a more laid back format than what you’d expect from an NXL Xball match but still gets intense. I mean, who doesn’t want to win?

Streetball has been around forever in Paintball but was popularized as a tournament format in the late 2000s by Team Vicious with their annual Vicious Streetball Tournaments.

Players are chosen at random from all divisions and skill levels to fill out each team. Each team will consist of high level players alongside newer players which brings a unique dynamic to the game. Not too often do D5 players get the chance to play alongside Pro & top divisional players. It’s an opportunity for newer players to really breakout and show what they can do against the big guys!

Paintball can sometimes get clicky with everyone playing on different teams & competing against each other. Streetball breaks down those barriers & allows players to meet and play with new people of all different skill levels. Playing with new people allows you to learn & grow as a player and can help take your game to the next level!


How does Streetball sound to you? 

Do you want this format played at your local field?

Would you want to see an official Bunkerkings Streetball event?


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Make Streetball Great Again!!!!
Derek Drake

This is a great way to grow the sport of paintball!! There needs to be a tournament like this at local fields in cities of pro teams.

Larry Forbes

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