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PRO DRILL: Multiple Player Flow Drill Setup

PRO DRILL: Multiple Player Flow Drill Setup
Jason Edwards|

Multiple Player Flow Drill Setup

Drills are essential to becoming a better paintball player and team. However, one big issue with target drills is the standby time for players not actively engaged in the drill. By setting up a multiple player flow drill you can have more players drilling at the same time and reducing their downtime. This will help with endurance, and keeping players from getting bored. 



A multiple player flow drill is not only good for teams doing drills, but it's great for clinics as well. I've been to several clinics where players spend more time waiting around than actually participating and you can see the boredom in their body language. This type of drill will keep them alert and focused.

We used 5 playing bunkers and 4 bunkers for targets. We mainly focused on wrap shoot and move, however you can do so much more with this layout. You want players drilling on both sides so they can work on their dominant and non-dominant hand as well. To keep confusion down it is best to mirror both sides of the flow drill so the players can feel the difference when they are going to their non-dominant hand. 

Metal targets are always better for instant feedback! 



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