Thanks for looking to add Bunkerkings to your retail business. We’re excited so many players and stores love the Bunkerkings line. At the present time, Bunkerkings is only accepting dealer accounts from physical brick and mortar stores.

To Become an Authorized Reseller (physical stores only), Follow these Steps:

  1. Create an Account on
  2. Wait up to 1-business day for your Account be approved.
  3. Start placing orders online using your new account.



  • Bunkerkings dealers are permitted to resell Bunkerkings products online on their own websites.
  • Pricing on the website represents the minimum advertised price (MAP) and dealers should not advertise, promote, or display Bunkerkings products below that price. Bunkerkings reserves the right to close the dealer account of any company which violates this MAP policy.
  • Occasionally, Bunkerkings will initiate a MAP holiday, in such cases, dealers will be given advance notice of the sale and the standard dealer margin will be offered off the sale price.
  • Authorized Bunkerkings dealers may request additional approval to resell Bunkerkings products on 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, etc. 30 days after the most recent order. No marketplace exclusive companies are permitted to resell Bunkerkings products on 3rd party marketplaces.
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