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Quality control is of utmost importance at Bunkerkings, and the CTRL loader stands as one of the leading choices in paintball. Regrettably, the recent Prism loader launch fell short of our expected standards, and we are actively addressing this issue for our valued dealers and customers.

The Solution: 

For those requiring shell replacements, email Please attach an unassembled side-view picture of both the bottom and top shell (example photos below), and we will promptly initiate the return and replacement process.

All shells to be sent as of 10/16/23 will have undergone quality control and to ensure proper fit. Those who prefer a return and refund can contact Bunkerkings at Refunds may take 3-4 weeks for processing.

Regarding the Issue:

As previously communicated during the Prism loader launch, the clear nylon plastic used exhibits a different shrink rate compared to black glass-filled nylon, resulting in a tighter fit of the top and bottom shells. This was normal and to be expected and not related to the unforeseen issue that caused some shells to warp, making a proper fit impossible. 


Extensive testing was conducted over months, including pre-production and multiple production unit tests, which yielded no issues. However, we have since identified this warping issue that affects a significant number of Aurora, Azure, and some Flare shells. These colors undergo a metallic fusing process in a superheated chamber, leading to occasional warping, which prevents proper shell closure. The inconsistent occurrence of this is why it went unnoticed, as the shells were not fully assembled as they typically would be in a fully assembled loader. We accept full responsibility for this oversight and apologize for any frustration it has caused.

Upon identifying the issue, we immediately initiated the production of a new batch of shells, which will be provided at no cost to customers and dealers who have placed orders. These shells will be fully assembled prior to shipping.