Welcome to the new beginning, a beginning based on all past experience. Bunkerkings paintball history goes all the way back to the beginning 1991 when some of you were just or.....not even born! There we were, two wild brothers trying to chase each other down in the mini forrest like back yard. Dodging rock hard and super expensive paintballs shot out of our "PGP"pump pistols wearing double layer clothing and ski goggles (not recommended). We had no clue that this madness would form our lives to come. Paintball was the ultimate kick and we just could not get enough like the name of the most popular song by Depeche Mode that was constantly playing at this time on the radio. Google radio if you were born after 1991 ;)  Paintball had a firm grip of us, led us from one adventure to the next and by the new millennium we were playing pro with the legendary team New York GZ living like kings in exactly that city. 19 years has past since joining GZ and forming Bunkerkings. We have played with 1000´s of different players and 100´s of different teams. The amount of great experience paintball has given us is almost overwhelming and we try to give back as much as we possibly can to the sport that has done so much for us. Being the best we can be and always putting 100% in to what we believe are the best product a paintball player could use is a small way for us to give back. We are super excited about this new future filled with new innovative products coming out of the BK laboratories. We will not and can not stop.


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