Pro Tip: Record Yourself Playing.

Record Yourself Playing One of the best things you can do to become better at paintball is to record yourself during drills, practice, and gameplay. It is great to be able to review yourself and critique yourself whether it is your form, your speed, your playing style and so much...

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Cross Body Snap-Shot

Cross-Body Snap-Shot The cross-body snap-shot is a very difficult shot and takes a lot of practice to be able to perform this shot with accuracy, speed, and without showing too much of yourself or your gun. The reason for the cross-body snap-shot is so that you can very quickly transition...

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Communication: Strong Keywords

Communication: Strong Keywords Communication is one of the most important skill sets in paintball and would require hours to break down the best ways to communicate. This video covers Strong Keywords to relay a full sentence of important information. The quicker the information can be relayed and processed, the faster...

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PRO DRILL: Multiple Player Flow Drill Setup

Multiple Player Flow Drill Setup Drills are essential to becoming a better paintball player and team. However, one big issue with target drills is the standby time for players not actively engaged in the drill. By setting up a multiple player flow drill you can have more players drilling at...

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Cross Field Snap Shooting + Running & Shooting Drill

Cross Field Snap Shooting + Running & Shooting Drill   This is a two phase drill with multiple objectives and consequences. The drill works on cross field snap shooting accuracy, moving and shooting with limited shots, consequences for misses which simulates being exhausted towards the end of the match, and...

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